Configuring via Command Line Interface

Use SPMCmd.exe console program to map serial ports via command line interface.

Command line SPMCmd.exe file is created during the program install. You can find it within Serial Port Mapper program folder.

Command Line Keys

Key Description
/m or /map <mapped COM-port> <available COM-port> Add mapped serial ports
/s or /swap <first COM-port> <second COM-port> Swap COM-ports
/r or /remove <mapped/swapped COM-port> Remove mapped/swapped serial port
/ra Remove all mapped/swapped serial ports
/l or /list List all mapped/swapped ports
/la List all available serial ports
/? or /help Print this help message

Command Line Usage Examples:

Key Description
SPMCmd.exe /m 5 1 Map COM5 to physical COM1
SPMCmd.exe /r 5 Remove mapped COM5 port
SPMCmd.exe /ra Remove all mapped/swapped serial ports