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Biometrics for Remote Desktop 1.4 released

24 March 2017

Biometrics for Remote Desktop 1.4 has been released. Support for Fujitsu PalmSecure Sensor has been added.

23 March 2017

FabulaTech team is proud to present Biometrics for Remote Desktop (Linux version). From now it's possible to redirect biometric devices from Linux workstation into remote desktop environment wia FreeRDP, Citrix Receiver or VMware Horizon Client.

22 March 2017

Webcam for Remote Desktop (Linux version) 2.7 has been released. Overall stability has been improved. Support for VMware Horizon Client has been added to the new version of FtPlugins. Latest FtPlugins available also for USB for Remote Desktop (Linux version).

15 February 2017

After a number of internal versions and a lot of testing efforts Webcam for Remote Desktop 2.7.10 finally available! This release brings revised and polished tray GUI, support of new video resolutions and improved behaviour of webcam auto-selecting feature. Under the hood: a lot of issues have been fixed, program modules location has been ordered, new licesing options have been added.

6 January 2017

USB over Network 5.2 for Windows and Linux has been released with a lot of new features and changes!

New features have been added: the possibility to use SSL in callback connections, devices can be connected by its VID/PID using the command-line utility. Sharing Rule Manager has been improved also: now it is possible to assign a nickname to a device and change its serial number.

Overall stability and performance have been improved for high load situations with extremely large number of Servers or Clients or devices. Compatibility with some USB devices has been enhanced as well.

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